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The power of any martial arts system does not come from the punches, kicks and blocks learned during class. It’s rather the life skills and personal development required to master the art. Building a strong work ethic, perseverance, honesty, self-respect and calm in the face of adversity are just a few of them.

The programs are built based on millenia of wisdom passed along from generation to generation. They are created to help you become the best version of yourself and transform your life.

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Committed to making a difference in our community for over three decades.

The Roxboro Community Center has been open for over 30 years with a sole mission. To bring the best out in each one of our members by promoting the key values of health, wellness, balance and family through martial arts programs and day camps.

The center is lead by Master Sergio Arione, a 30 time gold medalist in Tai Chi and Kung Fu and Chi Kung instructor. He is also the recipient of the 2012 Queen Diamond Jubilee Award and more recently the recipient of the Canada 150 Community Service Award.

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Improve your health and fitness through tailored programs and get support to stay on track.


Supporting you in making the right choices towards a more healthy and fulfilling life.


Better control over the events in your life by focusing on good habits and a positive outlook.


Join activities for the whole family that encourage honesty, self-esteem, kindness and work ethic.

What’s New?

January 27, 2019 in News & Events

Upcoming Events

Feb. 03 - Tai Chi Ranking April 19-22 - Easter weekend / center closed May 25 - Children's Kung fu Extravaganza! Yearly show  10am to…
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January 23, 2019 in News & Events

Morning Classes cancelled Wed. February 13

Hello all, due to the weather we will be closed for all classes and practise sessions for morning classes on Wednesday February 13. We will…
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December 28, 2018 in News & Events

2019 Classes Resume

All classes start back Monday January 7, 2019 Happy New Year! See you soon
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