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COVID – 19 * Transition to ZOOM LIVE

By March 13, 2020April 21st, 2020No Comments
Most of you have received emails to download the zoom application.
1) We hope you all enjoyed the class video’s up till now.
We will be commencing with LIVE zoom media classes starting April 26, 2020.
1) You will receive an email with your LIVE class link. When the day and time comes
    you click on the link and enter the class. You must be on time.
    It will take a few weeks for everyone to get use to it but it will be the NEW NORMAL
    * everyone is excited by the feedback we have received.
If we ever start back to classes at the actual Center??
– we will continue the LIVE zoom sessions and if we are allowed up to ten people per class
   10 people will be designated to come to the actual class at the center and the others will
   do the class online LIVE. The following week we can switch it up.
– we are in process of installing touchless faucets and also a sink at the entrance.
   Everyone entering will take off their shoes and coats and immediately get soap on their
   hands and walk to the sink and scrub, wash.
– then they can enter the class
– I am thinking masks will be required for those 10 that come to class as well.
  Anyone that does not ever want to come to class and prefers to stay with the LIVE
   Zoom that is okay as well. In any case get making some thick cloth masks! Hopefully they will
   be a little more available soon. Who knows!
* It all changes daily but this is general idea for now.
Any questions please email , state your name, the day of your class and time so that we can find your file quicker. We get ALOT of emails so its best to at least start with name, day of class and time. Thanks all.   🙂
WE have heard from many of you and to date have not heard of anyone getting sick! Please keep us posted as you are all in our thoughts and prayers always. Stay Safe and do not let your guard down. As I write today we are getting record numbers of new cases and deaths. Stay Safe.
Hugs to all.
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