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Covid-19 Update

By March 8, 2021No Comments

Well whenever we are granted permission to open you will be the first to hear!

News will follow as we hear it.


  • ​We need to stay vigilant in preventing further spread of COVID – 19
  • We will comply with the measures outlined by the Direction national de la sante publique
  • maintaining 2 m distance, washing your hands before, during and after the activity with water and soap or disinfecting hand sanitizer
  • disinfecting any shared object or equipment between users that are not from the same household
  • practise proper respiratory hygiene of coughing, sneezing into the elbow and using clean, disposable napkins
  • staying at home if you have recently tested postive for COVID-19 or have been in close contact with some who has

    To help follow these guidelines, we ask that you:

    – go first to our welcome sign at the entrance of outdoor location to disinfect your hands with with a hand sanitizer that you bring.  You must do at the welcome sign

    – follow the directions of the Sifu to find a designated free space, staying at least 2m away from other participants

    – bring your own prefilled water bottle and disposable napkins, if needed

    – exit by the welcome sign to disinfect your hands on your way home

    We urge all members to continue to stay informed with official updates and recommendations. You can find more information here:

     Government of Canada

     Santé Montréal 

     World Health Organization (WHO)​