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Covid Update

By March 25, 2021No Comments

At this point the Center remains closed

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Tai Chi  >  Classes will remain on line for now.  Though it is seeming to be more and more promising providing no set backs which we all know by now can happen. Stay tuned. We will be erring on caution more then the other groups.

The competition team will start outdoors sometime around mid April 2021 providing rules do not change again regarding the covid and providing we all feel comfortable with how society is progressing.

Kung fu – Classes will remain on line. While it is good that people are getting the vaccine and this area is improving. The area that children can carry and with no plans to vaccinate them at this time , we will hold back, again until more concrete foundation with progress and of course with government regulations and ongoing further testing on vaccines , before and after.

Station Bar Sante – remains open a set amount of hours each week for online orders and take out.