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Covid Day Camp Update

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2020 in person regular camp is available for Ages 9+ but is almost full

  • The ever changing health and safety guidelines will be followed.
  • If the child is not well please do not bring them to camp and have them assessed
  • Remind your children about respecting others by coughing or sneezing into their elbows.
  • Remind your children about safe distancing and discuss why this is needed and required to them. Right now we have heard it will be 1 m from other children (effective June 22)(under age of 16); Our program has been adapted at this point for the 2m distance .
  • We continue to monitor the situation and adapt accordingly. It is ever changing.

Procedure on drop off;

  1. Parent with child fill out questionnaire each morning on their smart phone in their car.
  2. Once submitted and clear. The parent and the child place a mask on. Please sanitize hands before putting the mask on in your vehicle. A monitor will head out to the your vehicle with a mask on and obtain child’s temperature . Once clear the child will exit the vehicle and go with the monitor.
  3. The children will be in groups of 7 and will maintain the required social distancing all day long.
  4. Children are to bring only one bag. In the bag they must have lunch, refillable water bottle, 2-3 snacks each day, sun tan lotion, bathing suit, swim t-shirt ( as we cannot put sunscreen on their backs at this point), towel , flip flops for the pool, hat, sun glasses, small bottle of hand sanitizer and small bottle of liquid soap for pool showers to carry with them throughout the day in pocket of back pack. We cannot share these items as we do not know about skin irritations that your child may have or may develop. Please send what you have used and tested on them.
  5. Masks: They will need a baggie to place their mask in when not in use. Remind them to touch only the straps of the mask. Practise putting in the baggie. Please label their masks with their name somewhere. Please remember to keep the masks clean and to wash hands before and after putting it on.
  6. Upon departure, the parent is to drive up and park and stay in the car. The monitor and the children will place their masks on at departure time. The monitor will bring your child to the car.
  7. If your child’s health changes from anything written on the registration form you must advise us immediately.
  8. Your child will appear on some of the zooom action classes to other children that are at home taking the camp. It is to help everyone feel a sense of belonging. The numbers for camp are minimal . We are use to 120 kids a day and have gone down to 10, it will be good for them to at least see eachother and converse as well as for those that cannot make it in real person.
  9. Your child will be with the same group of children each day and the same 1 or 2 monitors. They will be a family for the day!
  10. Your child will have a designated area when visiting the pool grounds. They will be at the pool quite often.
  11. Showers will be necessary before entering the pool. Please have your child bring a liquid soap that is not harsh on their skin and they can use. They cannot share and will  need this in a plastic bag as they will go swimming every day.

The center has in place cleaning check lists performed each day, before, during and after the camp.

The center has installed touchless faucets with touchless  soap dispensors to help with any spread.

The center has kleenex boxes throughout as well as receptacle containers for quick easy use.

The center has many stations for washing hands. Please remember to bring hand sanitizer and put in easy accessible pocket for your child. Pack your childs bag with your child so they know where things are. The sun tan lotion should be in same spot every day as well.

It is reminded that if the child has any sense of unwellness AT ALL , that you keep your child at home .

Should your child show signs of illness at camp, you will be called immediately and you must be available to receive a phone call from us every day, all day. We have a designated area for your child to lay down and will place an N95 mask on them while they lay down. One monitor will stay with them and also place an N95 mask, visor and gloves on. The monitor will stay with them until your immediate arrival.

ANY child that cannot follow instruction and be within a group environment will be asked to be picked up and go home. Unfortunately there is a zero tolerance this summer due to the covid on behavioural issues, concerns or following instructions and it is immediate suspension each and every day it occurs.  Please discuss the importance to your children of following instructions and enjoying their time with the group at the designated rules delivered for their safety, other campers safety and health.We simply cannot chance the health and safety guidelines not being adhered to at the expense of others safety and health. It is a unique situation for this year.


If you want to be put on a waiting list, as we have many inquiries now for this.

  • email , state in subject line “Waiting List”

State child’s name, date of birth,

State parents name, occupation and if deemed to go back to work ( If you know)