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Day Camp 2020

By April 21, 2020No Comments

In view of the COVID situation we are really not sure what will happen this year with day camp. We have closed our day camp registration for 2020 as we are full for the capacity that would be allowable should we open.

If government advises that day camp will open? or only open to those parents working?

  • We will have children in groups of ten and restructure the camp to distance activities and mindfulness to washing hands, coughing, etc. It will be preparing them for the NEW NORMAL.
  • We have installed touchless faucets and have procedures in place for anyone entering the center for their scheduled activity. We have installed two sinks at the entrance .
  • The children will be in groups of ten or less and will be given a specific area that is their groups area. They will go outside as much as is allowed and again who knows what the rules or activities will be allowed. We wait and see.

If government advises day camps will NOT open

  • We will refund everyone what they have paid.

If you simply do not want your child to come to camp because of the COVID situation. We will refund you as well. 

  • If you know you want to be refunded please advise us at . State your child’s name in the subject line and we will begin the refund process.

If you want to be put on a waiting list, as we have many inquiries now for this.

  • email , state in subject line “Waiting List”

State child’s name, date of birth,

State parents name, occupation and if deemed to go back to work ( If you know)