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Awesome Kung Fu for Kids

Extensive children’s program that is designed to develop your child physically and mentally through valuable life skills. Weekly classes are given in the West Island for children and teens ages 5 to 17.
*Registration is now open for the winter 2024 session. Limited places available*


Great courses for kids!

Mia KolimGoogle Review

Like a family - my 9 year old daughter loves kung fu!

Caroline Turcotte

Very Friendly Staff, love the pressure! LOVE IT!!!

Catherine HudsonGoogle Review

We learn more than movements, we learn to soothe our spirit, humility, patience, respect and much more.

Claudette CantinGoogle Review

Lovely staff, accommodating times. Classes are well taught and fun. Very calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Brian TurkingtonGoogle Review

Give Your Child's Development a Boost

Kung fu is a great program to help your children stay active and fit, but learning how to punch, kick and block is only a small part of it. Kung fu can also teach your child many valuable life lessons and important skills.

Our kung fu program is designed to help boost their development both physically and mentally. After completing our program kids walk and stand taller, appear more self assured and interact less fearfully with the world around them. They cease being an easy target and learn how to deal more confidently with the many challenges ahead.


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Why learn with us?

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are certified and licensed to teach Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu. They have many years of experience working and teaching children as well as competing at the international level.

Safe Training

Preventive measures to avoid injury and contamination. We wear masks, disinfect between classes, keep strict distancing and do not allow physical contact. Classes are in small groups of 8 kids or less for extra safety.


Classes are tailored for different age groups and skill levels. All classes have targets and skills to meet as kids progress with their level and discipline. Small groups allow each child to get the personal attention they need.

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“The power of Kung Fu does not come from the kicks, punches or holds, but from an ability to teach confidence and self respect.” – Dominic Ferland

Program benefits


By learning to defend themselves they develop confidence in how to handle life’s obstacles and negative pressures encountered throughout.

Self Control

By learning about respect for themselves, instructors, family and peers it naturally leads to an increase in self control.


Sometimes you have to do things whether you feel like it or not. The etiquette and practices of kung fu can be applied to other areas of life.


Through repeated training, attention reinforcement and adherence to rules, children will see improvements in their ability to focus.

How our Kung Fu style compares to other martial arts
  • Choy Lee Fut uses the whole body to generate powerful punches like boxing — as well as a wide range of angles of attack
  • Choy Lee Fut uses a rich variety of kicks like taekwondo — as well as an emphasis on mobile footwork
  • Choy Lee Fut contains grappling, pressure points and joint locks like wrestling/Jiu Jitsu — as well as self-defence using weapons

Children Kung Fu

Our martials arts school has an extensive children’s Kung Fu program that is designed to develop your child not only physically, but also mentally. Life skills are introduced through the art form to help prepare your kid(s) for their life ahead.

Teaching them about focus, goal setting, perseverance, respect and self control will help them learn to make the right decisions in life. Children cease to be an easy target, and are able to deal more confidently with the many challenges ahead. Bullying at school, outside of school, online, negative peer pressures and the list goes on.

We can’t always shield them from these external influences. But as a parent there is something we can do, we can prepare them. We can prepare them to be more confident, to be more resilient and to be better prepared.


The Instructors

Dominic Ferland is the Head Kung Fu instructor and a Leopard Disciple of Grand Master Chen Yong Fa (current keeper of the art). Most recently he was awarded overall Kung Fu Champion in Boston 2017 and Orlando, Florida in 2018. The school is the headquarters of Choy Lee Fut in North America and one of only two accredited schools in Canada.

Under his supervision, the venerable Wing Sing Tongs (disciples) and Hung Sing Gwoons (instructors) together oversee the classes for children, teens and adults. Their attitudes and care are instilled into their students each and every class.

They are a truly unique group of instructors who want to see each and every student be the best they can be and feel proud of themselves both in kung fu and in their lives.

Who can practice Kung Fu?

Everybody can learn martial arts regardless of his or her age and physical abilities. Every student learns to practice within his or her natural range of motion which is why we offer separate classes for different age groups and students with different levels of skill.

  • Children (4-12)
  • Teenagers
  • Adults
What classes do you offer?

Since 1988 we have been offering Kung Fu classes in Montreal’s West Island with instructors that learned directly from the lineage holders. As a result we provide our students with tested teaching methods that bring to class the many centuries of development and evolution of the art.

  • Beginner/Primary Level
  • Intermediate/Secondary Level
  • Advanced/Tertiary Level

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