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When parents think of Kung fu they sometimes start to think of violence. This is a common misconception about what ‘Kung fu’ truly is. While kung fu teaches children how to kick, punch and block, it also teaches many of the life skills listed below.

Once into the program children start to carry themselves differently. They walk and stand taller, appear more self assured and interact less fearfully with the world around them. Children cease to be an easy target, and are able to deal more confidently with the many challenges ahead. Bullying at school, outside of school, online, negative peer pressures and the list goes on.

It is true, we can’t always be there for our kids, we can’t shield them from these external influences. But as a parent there is something we can do, we can prepare them. We can prepare them to be more confident, to be more resilient and to be better prepared to make decisions. This is where Kung Fu will help.

The Tai Chi Kung Fu Center has an extensive children’s program that is designed to develop your child not only physically, but also mentally. Life skills are introduced through the art form to help prepare your child for their life ahead.

Teaching your child about focus, goal setting, perseverance, respect and self control will help them learn to make the right decisions in life. Valuable life skills your child will learn through kung fu include – Self Confidence, Self Control, Discipline, Focus, Goal Achievement, and Leadership.

Self Confidence:

By learning how to defend themselves, your child will develop confidence in how to handle life’s obstacles. Their confidence will give them the courage to say “No” to negative pressure they will encounter through their school and social lives. Kung fu will breed self confidence through the school program. As your child progresses through the program, their confidence in themselves will also increases.

Self Control:

Your child will learn self control through respect, respect for themselves, respect for friends and fellow kung fu students, parents and teachers. Your child learns that in order to receive respect, you first have to give it. Once they have learned about respect their self control will naturally increase.


Discipline is needed in all aspects of life and at all ages. There will be times where we have to perform an action, whether we feel like it or not. Your child will learn the etiquette and practices of Kung Fu, practices that can be translated to other areas of their life.


Through step by step repetitive movements, personal attention, positive reinforcement, adherence to rules, group reinforcement and a sense of belonging, your child will see improvements in their ability to focus at tasks given.

Goal Achievement:

Through the Kung Fu system, your child will learn what is needed for them to successfully move to the next level. By learning this, your child will be able to set their goals and successfully achieve it through their training.


Bringing together the previous listed benefits of Kung Fu – comes Leadership. Speaking in front of a class , setting good examples for other friends, helping out with other children to succeed, these are all qualities of a leader. Kung Fu training for children has found to show greater gains than children in standard physical education in areas as cognitive, focus and perseverance. The child’s mental health is also more in balance.

Here at the Tai Chi Kung Fu Center we take very seriously the development of each and every child. Many of the children start young and stay for 10-20 years. Many become leaders and begin to help the new younger students coming into the center. They continue their development as young men and ladies as they continue the journey of passing on their attributes and experiences through their kung fu art form. It’s about bringing out the best in each and everyone and becoming the best they can be!

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