Zooom Action Camp

Online Day Camp

A virtual day camp for children hosted on Zoom.
Get them active and engaged at home.

A unique online experience.

The online camp is a 5-hour daily program for children to help them balance their day through physical and mindfulness activities. Our mission is to provide children with a virtual environment to help them stay active at home while continuing to build life skills to deal with today’s challenges.

During this time they get to participate in activities that encourage exercise, develop calm, instill thinking and challenges them to be their best. Our online camp helps reinforce individual and group social interactions, respect for themselves and others, listening skills and participation.


Good Memories

A positive environment where kids can be kids and have fun. A place where they can create new friendships and good memories for a lifetime.

Personal Growth

Encouraging a healthy and balanced child development, helping them build the necessary life skills and strive towards their next growing level.

Take a Break

Juggling working from home and keeping an eye on the kids is no easy feat. Sit back and take a breather while we keep them engaged.

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If you have any questions or your children have special needs we can accommodate. Just send us a message.

Program overview

Mindfulness Based Approach

We appreciate that every camper is a unique individual and as such has different values and life building skills they are working on. Our aim is to help each one strive towards their next growing level. Whether it be integrating, socializing, focusing, feeling good about themselves or simply compassion for others, our virtual camp monitors are there to help them build resilience for today’s stressors.

Building Life Skills

Realizing that children live in a busy and stressful world we strive to help them gain coping skills for times of stress, conflict resolution, identifying their strengths and weaknesses and help them practice new behaviours. In our unique day camp environment the children develop self confidence, self esteem and worth, all through relationship building, focus, consideration of others, social interaction and guidance.


Our Monitors

All of our summer camp monitors are fun loving young adults that go through extensive training, role playing and CPR/first aid certification. Programming and planning meetings are lead by an Education Teacher to guide and bring out the best in the monitors as well. They are also coached everyday by highly trained adult supervisors with their main focus of creating an environment where kids can be kids outside of the school year. Kids need to feel they belong and they need to have fun without the pressures they have through the school year. We aim to bring that to them at our camp.



$100 / Per Week

Activities include:

Kung Fu
Tai Chi

Arts and crafts
Team Challenges
Cooperative games

Virtual Camp for Kids

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