Sainte-Anne Terms

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Subject to change from time to time as necessary and without notice.

Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue Tai Chi Classes

Located at Volunteer West Island, 1 De l’Église St, Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue, QC H9X 1W4.


1. The NEW member agrees to pay a $30 administration fee and $80 for a Tai Chi membership of 10 week session.
Payable in one instalment before first class. Cash or Cheque (cheques are made out to Sergio Arione). The member agrees to pay $25.00 for each cheque returned.

2. The member declares to be physically fit to practice Tai Chi and/or Chi Kung and/or Kung Fu and/or Dancing and to have medical approval to proceed with those classes.

3. The member declares that he/she understands that

a) The TaiChi, Kung Fu, Chi Kung practice must be done without forcing.

b) the practices leading towards joint mobilization, muscle toning and stretching must be done with moderation and within the natural capacity of each individual.

c) The Tai Chi Centre and its instructors are unable to determine how far each member should stretch or turn his/her body. The member will have to monitor his/her movements within his/her own flexibility and capacity.

d) the members will hold the Center and their instructors harmless and not liable in case of injury or damages originated from health problems or wrongful practices.

4. The members will notify any change of address,phone number or change in health at the commencement of the next attending class.

5. Every member must wear comfortable clothing.

6. Outdoors shoes or bare feet are prohibited in the Center. Members must practice with socks or shoes used exclusively for the inside. NO bare feet allowed.

7. The TaiChi Center and the teachers do not recommend any diet or practice of Tai Chi, Kung Fu, Chi Kung or other martial art proposed by any book or tape. Books are to provide information and to broaden the understanding and general knowledge on certain subjects. A physician or dietitian should oversee any change of diet. Any Tai Chi, Chi Kung, Kung Fu or any kind of physical Arts practices should be done under supervision of a qualified instructor.

8. The members agree not to teach Tai Chi, Kung Fu, or Chi Kung without approval and supervision of the TaiChi Center unless they get the proper certification to do so after passing the due test: -Tai Chi: ranking level 4 by the International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association

9. After five years of practice the members that wish to teach may have the opportunity to be assistant teachers and teach under supervision.

10. The members must show at all times respect for the school and their instructors. Failure to do so may result in suspension or dismissal of the member.

11. The Center and his instructors are not responsible for any item lost in the premises

12. In order to maintain a good communication between teachers and students, each beginner class will have a maximum of 12 members per teacher. The minimum number of members per class is 4. The Tai Chi Center reserves its right to merge classes or change the day of the class if there are less than 4 members per class

13. Members that do not attend classes will not be entitled to extension of the period of this contract and the fees are non refundable.

14. The TaiChi Center will be closed on the following days: Provincial and Federal holidays and from approximately December 21st to Sunday January 5th 2015 (see instructor for dates in that given year). Also, the Center may be closed for any unforeseeable reason (i.e. Weather conditions) and a notice will be posted on our website one hour before the cancelled activities. Please visit our website in time of extreme weather.

15. The present contract has been issued without corrections or alterations.

16.  At the request of the member, this contract has been written in English language. A ma demande, cet engagement a été rédigé en anglais.

18. I declare that I have read, understand and accept my rights and obligations stated above and I will receive a copy via email with my registration.

This contract will expire after the ten week sessions you are enrolling for.