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Tai Chi Montreal

Classes available in-person or online.
Experience calmness, clarity and internal peace.
*Registration is now open for the winter 2024 session. Limited places available*


Great place to learn Tai Chi, very friendly teacher, calm, patient. We learn more than movements, we learn to soothe our spirit, humility, patience, respect and much more.

Claudette CantinGoogle Review

Lovely staff, accommodating times. Classes are well taught and fun. Very calm and relaxing atmosphere.

Brian TurkingtonGoogle Review

Very Friendly Staff, love the pressure! LOVE IT!!!

Catherine HudsonGoogle Review

Great place to learn Tai Chi

Antoine TohmeGoogle Review

What is Tai Chi?

Originally in China it was taught as a martial art and it’s been more recently introduced in North America as a system of exercises for improved health, mobility, flexibility, balance and relaxation.

The therapeutic benefits of Tai Chi are many, and when taught properly it also has a profound impact on the mind helping students improve their concentration and experience lower stress.


Why learn with us?

Expert Instructor

Teacher with 40 years of experience and 30 time gold medalist internationally. Disciple of Grand Master Yang Jun, lineage holder of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan style.

1-on-1 Mentorship

Get support and guidance in your learning. Over the last 40 years Master Sergio Arione has met more than 15,000 students one by one before starting their Tai Chi classes.

Health Benefits

Activates over 720 moving and stabilizing muscles important for balance and mobility helping prevent falls among seniors. Improved concentration and coordination.


Over 25 classes on weekly basis tailored to different age groups, levels of skill and medical needs that create an enjoyable and pleasant environment for all the students.

Safe Practice

Special attention and preventive measures are in place to avoid any injury. Teacher are continually making sure everyone can benefit as much as possible from their class.

Mental Wellbeing

Provides an immediate relaxation effect and gradually becomes a “meditation in motion.” Great source of stress reduction, calmness, clarity and peace of mind.

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Tai Chi Scientific Studies

Research done at Harvard University and Mayo Clinic (top scientific centers in the US) has shown that Tai Chi can reduce stress and anxiety while improving balance and flexibility. It can also improve motor control in Parkinson’s Disease and help people with arthritis, cancer, heart disease, hypertension and stroke. Lastly many of our students have shown great improvement in the following areas:

Increased mobility and balance in spite of arthritis and age

Reduction or elimination of back pain and problems

Up to 70% reduction in pain for students with Fibromyalgia

Improved sleep and reduced problems related to insomnia


Our Classes

The Tai Chi Chuan style that we teach is known as the traditional Yang family-style. Along with it’s many variations it’s currently the most popular and widely practised style in the world today. It’s also the second oldest style among the main five family styles.

The classes we provide are without any changes or additions to the forms and style. We teach in the pure and pristine fashion as it was taught in China by the Yang Family for generations because the teaching method is important to prevent injuries and to draw the maximum therapeutic benefits.


The Instructor

Sergio Arione is the head instructor at Tai Chi Montreal and has been practicing Tai Chi for more than 40 years, winning gold 30 times in international events.

He is a disciple of Grand Master Yang Jun, lineage holder of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan and 6th generation direct descendant from the legendary founder of the Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan, Grand Master Yang Lu Chan. He has been teaching in Montreal and abroad for more than a third of a century and his passion for the art and to help people inspired him to teach more than 38,000 hours of Tai Chi classes.

Where do the classes take place?

Tai Chi classes take place in Roxboro and Saint-Anne-de-Bellevue.
Visit the contact page here for our addresses and directions.
We also offer online classes.

Who can practice Tai Chi?

Everybody can learn Tai Chi regardless of his or her age and physical abilities. Every student learns to practice within his or her natural range of motion which is why we offer separate classes for different age groups and students with different levels of skill.

  • Children
  • Teenagers
  • Adults
  • Adults with special needs
  • Seniors
  • Super-Seniors (90+)
  • Teachers
  • Advanced Teachers
What classes do you offer?

Since 1988 we have been offering Tai Chi in Montreal’s West Island with instructors that learned directly from the lineage holders. As a result we provide our students with tested teaching methods that bring to class the many centuries of development and evolution of the art.

  • Hand Form
  • Sitting Tai Chi (for students with medical conditions)
  • Sword Form
  • Saber Form
  • Tai Chi Push Hands
  • Chi Kung (Qi Gong)
  • Fa Jing
  • Competition Team

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