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The style and form we teach at the center. There are many students practising Yang Tai Chi 13 Saber form here at the Center. Usually the student learns the hand form and then progresses with their class to the sword form and following this the saber form. Push Hands is also introduced to those of interest.

1.七星跨虎交刀势Qi Xing Kua Hu Jiao Dao ShiSeven stars to Mount the tiger, Wielding saber forms.
2.腾挪闪展意气扬Teng Nuo Shan Zhan Yi Qi YangSpring-and-clear to Daze-and-strike with Will and spirit raised.
3.左顾右盼两分张Zuo Gu You Pan Liang Kai ZhangLooking leftward, Gazing right, the Two components spread.
4.白鹤亮翅五行掌Bai He Liang Chi Wu Xing ZhangWhite crane displays its wings to Palm the five-fold states.
5.风卷荷花叶里藏Feng Juan He Hua Ye Li CangBreezes turn the lotus bloom to Hide it in the leaves.
6.玉女穿梭八方势Yu Nv Chuan Suo Ba Fang ShiTreasured maidens work their shuttles facing eightfold ways.
7.三星开合自主张San Xing Kai He Zi Zhu ZhangTriple stars open, close, Extending to their will.
8.二起脚来打虎势Er Qi Jiao Lai Da Hu ShiDouble legs arising come and Strike the tiger pose.
9.披身斜挂鸳鸯脚Pi Shen Xie Kua Yuan Yang JiaoDrape the body, hang aslant, and Kick like doting ducks
10.顺水推舟鞭做篙Shun Shui Tui Zhou Bian Zuo GaoWith the current, push the boat, the Whip can be a pole.
11.下势三合自由招Xia Shi San He Zi You ZhaoLower posture, Thrice combining, freedom calls to roll.
12.左右分水龙门跳Zuo You Fen Shui Long Men TiaoLeftward, rightward cleaving streams, the Dragon gate to crest.
13.卞和携石凤还巢Bian He Xie Shi Feng Huan ChaoOld Bian-He retrieves his stone and Phoenix returns to nest

Translated by Audi Peal

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