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All Tai Chi Chuan is One Family


Chen Style

Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei – Chen Zhenglei, a 19th generation inheritor of the Chen family’s traditions, has been instrumental in the revival of the family’s long legacy of martial excellence. He is widely recognized as one of the leading exponents of Chen Style and is considered to be one of the most accomplished teachers of his generation. He has been recognized by the Chinese government as one of China’s top 10 martial artists.

Yang Style

Grandmaster Yang Jun – Yang Jun is the 6th generation descendant of the founder of Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan and 5th generation lineage holder. He has served as the Vice President of Operations and Training of the Shanxi Province Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association with over 30,000 members in his hometown of Taiyuan, Shanxi. In 1998, Yang Jun, with his grandfather Grandmaster Yang Zhenduo, created the International Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Association, and he has been the Association’s president since its founding. In 1999, Yang Jun moved to Seattle with his wife, Fang Hong, to organize and administer the international operations of the newly formed association and to establish its centers throughout the world. This is the style we teach at the center.

Wu (Hao) Style

Grandmaster Zhong Zhenshan – Zhong Zhenshan was born in the town of Guangfu, and at the age of 13 he became a formal disciple of Yao Jizu, who was the most prominent practitioner of Wu YuXiang Style’s “old frame.” The founders of Wu (Hao) Style are acknowledged to have authored some of the writings now referred to as “taiji classics.” Zhong Zhenshan is the author of many essays and books on Wu (Hao) Style of Tai Chi Chuan and on tai chi theory, and he has won numerous gold medals. In 2006, Wu (Hao) Style Tai Chi Chuan was
recognized as one of the Treasures of Chinese Martial Arts.

Wu Style

Grandmaster Ma Hailong – Ma Hailong has been practicing his family’s techniques for over 60 years. His great-grandfather, Grandmaster Wu Quanyou, created the Wu Style. Ma Hailong began training at the age of six with his grandfather, Grandmaster Wu Jianquan, and with his father Grandmaster Ma Yueh-liang. Both his parents were accomplished teachers, and his uncles had studied intensively with his grandfather. Ma Hailong grew up in this especially rich family environment, and he remains dedicated to sharing the Wu family’s traditions.

Sun Style

Grandmaster Sun Yongtian – Sun Yongtian is a distinguished and respected member of China’s martial arts community and the designated successor to the Sun Family Style. He studied for many years under the personal guidance of Grandmaster Sun Jianyun, the daughter of Grandmaster Sun Lutang, the founder of Sun Style. Sun Yongtian is the Vice-Chairman of the Beijing Martial Arts Association and the Vice-President of the Sun Tai Chi Research Institute in China.

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