Terms and Conditions Camp

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Subject to change from time to time as necessary and without notice.

1.I agree to make a payment for selected days  within 5 days of registering online. One Time Payments only for Christmas & March Break Camps –  If you prefer to pay by:

a)Credit card you can email roxborocommunitycenter@yahoo.ca and indicate a convenient general time to call you and we can arrange payment over the phone.

b) Cheque: Mail today to:  Ultime Camp de Jour, 19 rue Centre Commercial, Pierrefonds-Roxboro, QC H8Y 2N9

2. Permission to Pick up the Children – It is assumed that mothers and fathers are automatically allowed to pickup and drop off their children.  Any other people you want to authorize to pick up your child must be listed on this form. If they are not listed they will  not  be allowed to pick up your child.

Any additional authorized individual to pick up your child must be entered . Please enter full name & relationship .

3. I understand and agree that an immediate written update must be communicated to roxborocommunitycenter@yahoo.ca if the medical condition of my child  changes or for any other personal information.

4. I authorize that the camp’s animator/monitor/counsellor or any other responsible person of the L’Ultime Camp de jour be aware of the information  contained in this file.

5. I authorize the L’Ultime Camp de Jour personnel to provide aid to my child in case of emergency.  I understand that Ambulance transportation costs,  in the event of emergency care, are payable by the parents or tutors/guardians.

6. In order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all Day Camp participants, L’Ultime Camp de jour requires that every child show respect for their peers and supervisors. For safety reasons it is also required of participants to follow rules and  instructions from the monitors.   L’Ultime Camp de jour reserves the right to terminate any Day Camp contract if the child:    Fails to follow instructions from the monitors, disrupts group activities and/or poses a safety threat to other  campers, themselves or anyone else.

L’Ultime Camp de jour will not be held responsible for any consequences arising from having to terminate any Day Camp contract.

7.Because of the inherent risks specific to scheduled outings only the following children will be allowed to  participate in these types of  activities:  a) Children that have demonstrated exemplary behaviour. The camp reserves the right to refuse a child’s participation at any scheduled outing without refund.

8.  Policy and procedures of the Summer Day Camp are posted at the location concerning behavior, discipline, suspensions & health. It is the parents’ responsibility to familiarize themselves with policies and procedures.

9. Amendments, Cancellations and Camp Terminations –  I understand and agree that any change to the present agreement or cancellation can be requested only in writing for consideration and submitted to Camp Director via e-mail roxborocommunitycenter@yahoo.ca If no computer is available a written document must be submitted. I understand I must receive a signed confirmation that the Camp has received my request.  I understand that any comments to the request will also be communicated in writing from the camp office.

Amendment, cancellations and/or terminations entitle me to the following :

  1. 100% reimbursement less $ 50 registration fee per week if the cancellation  or camp termination is made 30  days prior to the beginning  of the booked week. No refunds for daycare or outings.
  2.  No reimbursements will be made for cancellations or camp terminations made less than 30 days prior to the  beginning of the booked week.
  3. No refunds for Winter or March Break day camps whether it be cancellation or camp termination.
  4. Amendments – There will be a fee of $15 for each Amendment on confirmation

10. Parents understand that the dates chosen for their children are binding and cannot be transferred to other  weeks or days.

11. If a parent decides to add more weeks after the initial pre-registration of the camper, the rates will be the  rates at the time of this decision and depend on availability.

12. Parents will be charged $20.00 for any NSF cheque or for any returned payments, no matter what the reason.

13. Parents hereby release the camp, its agents and employees from any and all claims for damages, loss or  injury, infection or contamination to campers and campers belongings incurred during the camp or from the facilities being used, unless there has been gross negligence and willful  misconduct of  the camp, its agents or employees.  Parents must keep their children at home while they are sick to prevent others from getting  sick.

14. The camp may terminate this contract and the registration of the camper, if in the reasonable opinion of the director, the camper or campers  parents/  guardians are creating or posing a risk to the themselves or to the health, security, safety and / or harmonious atmosphere of the camp  or to any of the other campers or agents.  Refunds as per article #9.

15. Children that did not sign up for Day Care service can arrive at the earliest by 8:50 am and  be picked up at the latest by 4:40 pm . Parents that do sign up for Morning or after camp daycare will be held to the times they have chosen.

16. I agree to pay Daycare fees if my child arrives earlier than 8:50 am or if my child is picked up later than 4:40 pm, as per details below:

$ 3 per hour or part of an hour for unscheduled morning daycare (before 8:50 am)

$ 3 for every half hour or part of any half hour for unscheduled evening daycare  (after 4:30 pm)

$1/minute for every minute after 6:00 pm

* Please note on December 24 & 31st pickup time is 4 pm. Anyone after 4:10 pm pickup will be charged $10/minute on these days. It is holiday time and respect must be maintained for those having family plans. Please plan to be here on time.

I agree these amounts due are due immediately.  **Please pre-register or make alternate pickup arrangements if you feel you are not going to make the time allotted for daycare when you register your child to avoid these additional fees.

17. I agree to report to the daily attendance staff when dropping off  AND picking up my child.  Any children  allowed to come to camp or leave camp on their own must have written permission from their parents along with a signature and date stating this. This note will be left in the child’s file and the monitors/attendance staff will be made aware of this arrangement.

18  In order to take advantage of the full day of activities, the children must have with them all the time the following items: (please label their belongings). All activities are for boys and girls.

– Peanut-free lunch, 2 snacks & 2 drinks. (Water bottle)

–  Wear comfortable clothes for kung fu

–  Suntan lotion for outdoor activities

–  Indoor running shoes (NO SANDALS)

Winter Camps – Children need snow pants, hat, two pair of mittens, boots, scarfs plus their lunch and snacks as listed above. Skates with guards, helmet, hockey sticks, shin pads, gloves and elbow pads if  they have. Suntan lotion for face.

19. Food: Any food containing peanuts or nuts of any kind are strictly prohibited at the camp.  We are a nut-free environment.  Please take necessary steps and cautions.

20. No valuables should be brought to  the complex; it is the parent’s responsibility to make sure of this. The complex or camp are not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen clothing or valuables. Any items found will be placed at the front entrance for parents to view, please check this area daily when you pick up your children.

21. I certify that I am the legal parent and/or guardian of the child being registered. I authorize my child to participate in activities held in Roxboro Community Center and Roxboro Private & public parks.  I further understand that pictures (and videos) during the summer, Christmas and March break camps will be taken and can be used for promotional advertising of the camps. I understand and accept these Terms and Conditions.

22. Due to safety issues I agree that I must have my child to the camp no later then 9 am and that I cannot pick up my child prior to 4:30 pm. The monitors  plan their day and due to this and safety issues parents cannot come and go as they like. Parents must respect drop off and pick up times  and if the child is not in camp  prior to 9 am, he/she will not be allowed for the day. If Doctor appointment or other please submit written note at beginning of the week so we can plan accordingly and advise the monitors. In cases of Doctor appointments drop off or pick ups can be between 11-1:00 pm ONLY. Again, a note at the beginning of the week is mandatory.

23. I give permission and acknowledge acceptance that I will be emailed  the releve 24 at the end of February each year. Please make sure to add admroxborocenter@gmail.com in your contacts. If you do not receive your child fitness tax credit receipt or releve 24 you must email admroxborocenter@gmail.com to advise . Please remember to check your spam folder (better yet add admroxborocenter@gmail.com) to your safe contacts list to alleviate any issues with this.

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