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Welcome Back in-person Tai Chi & Chi Kung Classes

By September 21, 2021September 22nd, 2021No Comments

All Tai chi  & Chi Kung Classes have started back in person AND on zoom.

It has been a very lonely building for the last year and a half and it has been nice to see some returning to in-person classes.

Government guidelines state we need to have the double vaccinate to have in-person classes.  While this is great for some it is not great for those that are not vaccinated. Soooo. we have decided to go ahead and have the classes in both on zoom (continuing as for the past year) and also in -person for those that choose to come ( and that are double vaccinated). We realize that many that are double vaccinated still would like to stay on zoom as they are not yet comfortable attending in-person. This is fine as well, you are welcome to stay on zoom because as mentioned everyone has a different line of comfort and it is all okay.


  1. When you attend the first class in-person we will need to verify your vaccination passport. After that we do not need to see it again.
  2. When you arrive the door will be locked. Wait outside and the instructor will come and get you. If you come early and the weather starts to get cooler, you can go and have a seat at the  around the corner in the end unit . it is part of the Roxboro Community Center non profit and we are looking for volunteers for two hours per week (if you want to get involved)
  3. Please make sure to wear your mask to in-person classes and wash hands prior to class.
  4. Once you get to designated area for in-person classes you may take your masks off and place in a baggie in your pocket.
  5. All belongings brought to in-person classes will only be allowed in the shoe box area at the front entrance. Purses and back packs cannot be brought and carried around The Center. The door is locked at all times during classes for the time being.

NEWs – While not yet official – We now have a little deli belonging to the Tai Chi Kung Fu Center nonprofit. It is called   and it will be offering healthy choice foods. Salads, smoothies, wraps, soups, energy bars. All made at the deli. Please stop in and say hi to this hard working group. They currently are open Tuesday Wednesday and Thursdays from 8 -12. and 4 to 9pm .  We will have the official opening once this 4th wave is looking better and life turning back to normal. They are a very clean establishment and follow all food and health safety guidelines. The Station Bar Sante is located in the end unit toward the back parking lot entrance.