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Congratulations to NEW Disciples

By August 29, 2018No Comments

Our recent trip to China has brought on a great honor to the Center.

Several of our members have been chosen to become disciples of GrandMaster Chen Yong Fa of the Chan family Choy lee Fut Kung Fu and Lohan International Qigong Therapeutic Association. All disciples will continue to promote and protect the art. We are all very happy to accept and continue promoting and enjoying the art under the guidance of Master Chen Yong Fa, Gold Dragon Disciples Sergio, Barry and Mark as well as continued training and collaboration with all the Chan family, fellow Leopard, Tiger and Fire Dragon Disciples

New Leopard Disciples from Chan family Choy Lee Fut Canada Office / Gold Dragon Disciple school of Sergio Arione are:

1) Sako Chahinian
2) Eric Ziegler
3) Danielle Hammond
4) Dominic Ferland
5) Laird Trimble (of Ottawa School)
6) Robert Henry
7) Sue Singleton Arione