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Thank YOU to our Supporters

By March 2, 2021No Comments

The Roxboro Community Center has received major support and guidance from the Canadian Red Cross and the Canadian federal Government. We have been able to transition through the various stages of the pandemic and were able to continue our support to our seniors, adults and children programs. Due to this support we have been further able to introduce initiative program for seniors and teens via drop ins and meal programs. Due to these crazy times people have been isolated and we want to do everything we can to bring about inclusion, participation and a friendly hand. We are doing everything we can to make peoples lives easier, integrate them more into social safeness .

George Courey Inc.

Further to the above we have also received a generous donation and ongoing support from George Courey Inc.  We received office furniture and work stations and have set up a place for people to work from, to save on travel, to work away from home but without much travel, a change of scenery with flexibility. Work stations will also be used by youth studying or for children ( ages 8+) who find themselves back at home learning online but whose parents need to go to work. We are ready to set up what is needed if the time comes. These areas will also be used for the drop in programs to provide a safe distanced station for the activities planned.

Earlier to this we have received soap dispensers and soap from George Courey Inc. that we have installed in our bathrooms as well as blankets that we have used for our retreats and hosting .


Thank you to our member of parliament : Sameer Zuberi

Mr. Zuberi and his staff have always been there to help us out with information and ideas to keep us moving in the right direction. Always nice to know they are there!

Thank you to our MANY dedicated Volunteers

Without YOU we could not exist or even manage to stay alive. It is not just that, you all give so much of your time and your HEART to help so many people through mental crisis, through becoming better people and just listening. Sure you are here to help instruct various classes as well BUT you touch each and everyone of your students. WE all know its much more then learning it is making sure everyone that we touch feels welcome and like they belong. A home away from home.

Thank you to the many students that continue to give their support in the Center

You to have become beacons for the new people that venture in. You to open your arms and chat with everyone. All of you show your support continually and we appreciate from the bottom of our hearts. Thank you for letting us into your lives.